The hole in the city wall by Jaffa Gate

There is a wide entrance just by Jaffa Gate breached through the 16th century city walls that surround the Old City.

I read today that this section of the wall was knocked down and the opening made on the order of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II, so that his visitor, Kaiser Wilhelm II could arrive in style with his retinue without them having to dismount from their horses and carriages.

Although that article does not mention when the Kaiser visited, a Lutheran website mentions the Kaizer ‘building’ the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer (which stands in the Christian Quarter of the Old City) in the late 1800s and dedicating it in 1898.

The breach in the walls would have made it convenient for General Allenby to enter on his horse when he entered the Old City in 1917, save that out of respect for the city and what it stood for, he entered on foot.